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Browse recipes and complete courses about the potential benefits of edible cannabis consumption for certain ailments. From appetizers and snacks to dinner and dessert, each recipe is designed for ease-of-use, dispelling the myth that cannabis edibles can only be gummies or brownies. Stay tuned for new and seasonal recipes being added each month.

Sundried Tomato and Oregano Risotto

A simple and rustic risotto recipe that will leave your guests dreaming of Italy. If you’re willing to devote the time and patience for preparation, you’ll finish with a dish to drool over.

Step-By-Step Recipe

Coconut Apple Muffins

All the motivation you’ll need to wake up and start your day is in these hearty and nutritious muffins.

Step-By-Step Recipe

Honey Mustard Chia Seed

Add a flavour boost to any salad with a tangy blast of Dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar alongside a hint of honey and crunchy nutrient-rich chia seeds.

Step-By-Step Recipe

Avocado Dressing

The great taste and health benefits of avocados in a fresh and simple dressing that will leave you feeling good about what you ate.

Step-By-Step Recipe


Try this rustic bruschetta on its own or serve it on a baguette, atop your pizza, in your pasta, as part of your sandwich or wrap, with fajitas and tacos or any other dish.

Step-By-Step Recipe

Herbed Cannabis Butter

It’s great to have cannabis butter on hand, but just spreading it on your toast or using it to bake cookies and brownies gets boring. Cooking with cannabis gives you the opportunity to create new dishes and enjoy your food on a whole new level.

Step-By-Step Recipe

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