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Clayton Hannah, 34, is taking his ex-potential employer, Tolko Industries, to the Alberta Human Rights Commission for discrimination due to medical condition and treatment.

Hannah suffers from follicular lymphoma, a non-aggressive form of blood cancer that is slow-moving enough that with treatment, he is able to live a completely normal life, including his job as a millwright.

Among his treatments, Hannah uses cannabis oil, something he disclosed to Tolko when they headhunted him for a job on October 9th.

According to Hannah, after he disclosed his treatment, Tolko rescinded its offer because according to them there would be no way of knowing whether he’d been using marijuana while on the job. Hannah says he understands their concern over anyone operating in such a dangerous field while possibly impaired, but that there is a very clear difference between cannabis oil used for medicinal purposes and recreationally using marijuana.

Hannah asked Tolko to explain the reason for rescinding the offer and initially they told him that it was pending due to a third cannabis review. When he asked for the policy or procedure of this, they refused to give it to him.

In response to a request from Global News, Tolko said: “At Tolko, employment decisions are a confidential matter. We respect all candidates’ and employees’ privacy, and we also abide by Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act.”

Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/4660464/man-cancer-cannabis-based-treatment-cost-him-job/

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