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Canadians entering the United States who have any connection with the legal cannabis industry are being targeted by US border guards for lifetime travel bans.
Despite being legal in Canada, Washington State, Maine, and Vermont, the border is under federal jurisdiction, and since cannabis is still federally illegal, any association with the cannabis industry is considered a federal crime. As a result, Canadians involved are considered “inadmissible” to the US because they are considered to be living off the profits of a drug trade. 

The CEO of an agricultural equipment manufacturer discovered this first hand in April. Jay Evans, CEO of Keirton Inc., and two employees both with Nexus passes a no criminal record were stopped at the border. 

The three intended to meet with an American cannabis company to design and build a machine that would help in the production process. Evans, in an interview, maintained that the product had yet to be designed, built, marketed, or sold. 

After a six hour interview, the three were labeled “Drug Traffickers” under U.S. federal law. As a result, they have received lifetime bans from travelling to the U.S. 

The three, as well as any others even remotely connected to the cannabis industry, must obtain waivers allowing them temporary entry into the country. 

Source: https://www.thestar.com/vancouver/2018/07/05/canadian-cannabis-workers-targeted-by-us-border-guards-for-lifetime-bans.html

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