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In its earliest days, cannabis legalization has not had much impact, if any, on crime in Calgary, says the city’s police force.

“October 17 has come and gone and the sky has not fallen,” said Katie Doucette, the Calgary Police Service’s project manager on cannabis, to the police commission on Tuesday.

So far, there have been two 24-hour suspensions for people driving under the influence of cannabis, the same as the month before legalization, and 195 calls where cannabis was involved in some way. Eleven tickets have been given out to citizens  who broke the city’s smoking in public ban.

Commission chair Brian Thiessen told reporters, “[The numbers] were not alarming, I don’t think cannabis legalization has had significant impact on either policing efforts or societal issues.”

Interim Chief Steve Barlow cautioned the numbers can potentially change, stating “I don't want to say nothing’s changed… its way too early.”

The city is currently tracking how much money it is spending on cannabis regulation enforcement and will make an application to the province to recoup some of the money. In the last year it has spent $3 million to educate its citizens on cannabis safety, laws and regulations.

Source:  https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/cannabis-legalization-crime-1.4923297

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