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Due to varying laws throughout its members, The European Union Parliament is currently working on a draft proposal to harmonize medical cannabis laws throughout the common market. 

The proposal is significant in that it cites marijuana’s known medicinal properties and how current laws in some of its member states actually impede the scientific community from further research.
Currently, each European Union member has unique policies based around medical cannabis. The proposal specifically aims to curb the black market, control points of sale, add barriers to underage use, and provide safe access to medical patients.

As well, it aims to: 

  • Draw a clear distinction between medical cannabis and other uses.
  • Speed up the research on cannabis for medical purposes.
  • Implement a strategy for cannabis-based medicines.
  • Encourage medical professionals to share knowledge about cannabis-based medicines.
  • Create comprehensive regulation of medical cannabis.
  • The proposal is coming from some of the members out of the Environment, Public Health, and Food Safety Commission and a public hearing should be held on October 1 2018 to discuss the proposal. From there, it would be determined if it would qualify for an official proposal.
Source: https://www.marijuana.com/news/2018/09/european-parliament-working-to-make-medical-marijuana-available-on-the-continent/

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