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When the Canadian government passed its cannabis legislation last June, it did not introduce or stipulate any workplace drug-testing rules nor did it make changes to the federal labour code. Rather, it opted to provide general guidelines, resulting in a range of rules around cannabis for the eight percent of the labour population that work in federally regulated industries. 

One senior government official addressed the issue by saying “impairment is not a new issue in workplaces,” citing that previous work legislations provide guidelines and that federal agencies will have to look through their own policies and determine if they must be updated or not. 

The move has created a wide array of polices. Airline pilots, regulated by Transport Canada, will see no change as they have always had a zero-tolerance requirement for cannabis (medical or not), while some police forces are simply expecting their officers to show up “fit for duty”. The Military has conditioned its requirements, stipulating that there is an 8-hour prohibition period before showing up for duty, and a 24-hour prohibition period before handling a loaded weapon, operating a vehicle, deploying in a submarine, or operating an aircraft. The RCMP, has adopted a full 28-day prohibition period for its members, citing “unsettled science” around cannabis’ effects.
Workplace drug-testing was also not taken on by the federal government, a move that many say adds to the confusion of the practice, as differing court cases have gone back and forth on whether the practice is constitutional. The government formed a special committee on workplace impairment with representatives from federal labour unions and employers, but has yet to come to any conclusions.

Source: https://nationalpost.com/cannabis/cannabis-news/cannabis-legalization/officials-say-its-up-to-federal-workplaces-to-decide-if-their-cannabis-rules-need-updating

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