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According to an analysis of U.S. crime data by The Conversation, the legalization of medical marijuana does not correlate to an increase in crime rates, and in some cases, can even decrease it. The analysis looked specifically at violent or property crime. 

The paper uses data on criminal offences spanning from 1988-2013, focusing on cities with at least 50,00 residents. They used traditional regression analysis, as well as a synthetic control method. The synthetic control method allowed them to make cities with and without medical marijuana laws comparable by creating a synthetic city from a pool of cities without medical marijuana laws. This allowed the pre-law crime rates in the synthetic city and the city of interest to be as close as possible.

The results found that the actual crime rates in medical marijuana cities generally move closely with the synthetic cities. This suggests no substantial effect on violent or property crime, as as when they looked at specific crimes such as murder, rape, aggravated assault, and theft.

To read the full study, follow the link below:
Source: https://theconversation.com/legalising-medical-marijuana-shows-no-effect-on-crime-rates-in-us-states-102030

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