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Officials at Trudeau International Airport in Montreal have released new guidelines this year for items travelers are able to carry on-board their international and domestic flights.

Among the new guidelines, YUL officials added in rules surrounding marijuana. Canadians are able to fly domestically with up to 30 grams of recreational cannabis, and up to 150 grams for medical reasons so long as the medical papers are on hand.

Internationally however, all cannabis is banned on flights. “Even if you’re going to another country where cannabis is allowed — it remains illegal to cross international borders,” said Christine Langlois, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority spokesperson.

Travelers that exceed the marijuana limits or who are attempting to travel internationally with marijuana will be forced to leave it in a deposit bin to be disposed of police, before going through customs.

Langlois also said the airport has released an app for Android and iPhone users - the CATSA app - allowing users to search for  items to determine whether they are acceptable to travel with and how best to pack.

Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/4751645/montreal-airport-lays-out-guidelines-for-flying-during-holidays-including-cannabis-rules/

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