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Under the Canadian government regulations for recreational cannabis, citizens will be allowed to grow up to four plants at home but many professionals in the housing industry are warning of the responsibility and risks associated with doing so. 

The size and requirements to grow cannabis plants at home are among the largest threats posed. The humid conditions required to grow the plants can be dangerous for a home because it can spur water damage, mold, fungus, and even structural issues. The resulting implications could affect property values and fixing them can be very costly. 

The size the plants can reach could also be an issue, as well as the stigma that some potential homebuyers may still hold against cannabis. According to the Steve Kotan, Chair of OREA’s Ontario Realtor Party Committee, first-time home buyers are already very concerned with almost everything when they walk into a house, and seeing cannabis plants could be a red flag for many. 

Despite the concerns, RE/MAX sales representative Sylvia Santarelli does not see it posing a major problem for the industry, as she states “The only thing we have to be careful about as realtors is that the house itself has not been a grow op,” something the new legal market hopes to stamp out. 

Source: https://toronto.citynews.ca/2018/10/14/these-can-be-very-very-large-plants-the-risks-of-growing-cannabis-at-home/

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