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Cannabis is certainly no rare sight for university students, but with national legalization coming in Mid-October, the plants relationship with campuses will be changing.
Many Canadian schools are already beginning a trend of banning or severely limiting smoking on school property, something that will naturally limit the option of smoking cannabis for students.
From there, each university seems to be making their own set of rules and standards for their students on campus. 

According to Global News, who questioned a number of universities across the country, everyone of the schools that they spoke to plan to ban growing cannabis in university residences. 

From there, it shifts to aligning with provincial laws, and school regulations. For example, Quebec’s McGill University is planning on banning not only smoking marijuana, but also consuming, serving, cooking, or preparing edibles on campus, but not possessing it. McMaster University, in Hamilton Ontario, will follow its school-wide ban of smoking on campus, but will allow its of-age students to possess and use edibles if they are labelled from the manufacturer.
Other universities, such as the University of Toronto, plans to treat edible and drinkable cannabis as it does alcohol: allowing it to be consumed in private residences so long as they are of legal age and they are not being consumed in the public spaces. 

Whatever their rules are surrounding its actual use however, most schools have already begun their cannabis education programs on campus, to inform their students about safe and responsible use.
Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/4411317/legal-marijuana-universities-edibles/

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