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In the Canadian cannabis industry, men dominate the landscape. The result is what many believe to be a gap in marketing and positioning products to women, a major potential consumer base. 

It is this opportunity that is bringing players like Eve & Co, a craft cannabis grower, out to focus almost entirely on the female market. 

Similar to how specific products in the alcohol industry are marketed towards women, Eve & Co plans to build a list of products that are aimed at women, or make them gender neutral.
The lineup will likely become popular once marijuana and marijuana products are fully recreationally legal. Smokable marijuana is set to be legalized on October 17th in Canada, but it could be up to a year later that other products such as drinkable beverages and edibles, are regulated. 

Potential female focused products can include those that address female specific health issues such as PMS or endometriosis, as well as beauty products such as CBD face creams, or other things such as vaginal suppositories.
Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/womens-health-cannabis-1.4794901

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