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In a new industry such as the cannabis space, experienced and skilled workers are hard to come by. As a result, companies are left looking for talent in neighbouring industries that hold a skill set that can be transferred over. 

Canadian cannabis companies flush with cash from massive capital raises are combing through the food and beverage, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industry looking for workers that can help them thrive. 

These industries face similar challenges and opportunities as the cannabis space, including massive amounts of regulation around product and marketing, difficult distribution channels, and unique financial monitoring systems.
Examples can be seen all around top executive offices, such as Harvest One Cannabis CEO Grant Froese who worked at Loblaws for 38 years, and Canopy Growths Chief Marketing Officer Dave Bigioni, former Vice President at Molson-Coors. Employees are also poached in marketing and sales, distribution, research and development, compliance, and operations. 

Source: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/cannabis/article-cannabis-companies-poaching-key-talent-from-the-food-and-beverage/

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