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In a country that legalized marijuana in 2013 and implemented it last year, Uruguay’s recreational industry’s growing pains are still all too prevalent for many. 

Supply is currently not remotely close to meeting demand, and as a result, the black market is still thriving. Among the issues are the lack of purchasing options for consumers, as only 14 of the country’s 1,200 pharmacies have signed up to sell it. This has left many out of reach of legal marijuana, and has forced them to go to more illegal local dealers. 

The amount of cannabis being produced is also not meeting demand. Currently there are only two licensed producers in the country, and they are able to produce a combined 4 tons a year. Estimates however, have placed the country’s intake at anywhere between 20 and 30 metric tons a year. 

The head of Uruguay’s National Drugs Council, Diego Olivera has made it clear that they recognize these issues, but has also told the local media that it is a process to get to peak performance in the industry, and cannot happen over the short term. 

Source: https://wtop.com/latin-america/2018/06/uruguay-struggling-to-meet-demand-for-legal-marijuana/

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