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An Edmonton based cannabis delivery system is set to hit the roads come federal legalization in October. The issue it faces however, is provincial regulation that dictates only provincial run cannabis sellers can deliver to users.
Chanel Graham, the founder and CEO of Save the Drive, came up the idea to bring a legitimate  cannabis delivery service to the market after a decade of being a home nurse, and after seeing a similar service offered on a trip to Vancouver. 

According to Graham, the Vancouver service offered was very unprofessional and illegitimate, a difference between her app and those of her competitors. On Save The Drive, users will have to upload there ID’s to verify age and receiver, and will pay at the door.  

Graham’s experience with her former patients was also a major factor in decision to open up the company. In her time as a nurse, she said that she had many patients who needed medical cannabis, but were unable to drive to get it themselves. 

The app is set to launch in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto in October, but will face challenges as regulation in Alberta bans private delivery services, and British Columbia and Ontario have yet to come up with regulations for them. 

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/cannabis-delivery-service-edmonton-1.4790139

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