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It is possible the impact of Canadian marijuana legalization could reach much further than just its own borders.

For decades, countries such as Jamaica and Morocco have illegally grown cannabis destined for the developed world. The product would often end up in the hands of organized crime who would buy, ship, distribute and sell the cannabis in Canada, among other places. This was among the top reasons Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ran to legalize cannabis, stating it would bring the already-established industry under the sight of the country’s legal and regulatory bodies. That reasoning is almost undisputable in Canada now that it is clear the oversight required for licensed producers, as well as the economic benefits that are now leaving the black market for the legal market. 

However, the impact could hurt the economic wellbeing of illegal cannabis growers across the developing world who, according to Martin Jelsma of the Transnational Institute (TNI), a Dutch drug-policy research organization, are mainly poor farmers who cultivate marijuana on small holdings in the hills and mountains. The reality of who is growing the cash crop is much different than what most people believe to be major drug cartels. 

The issue is mainly caused by international treaties making it difficult for countries to establish their own drug laws, something Canada openly admitted to violating to develop its legal cannabis industry. Smaller, less developed countries however rely much more on international support, and so trying to establish a legal, economically beneficial cannabis industry could pose major political rifts they are unable to weather.
Until countries are able to determine the best route of action for themselves with respect to cannabis cultivation, many will suffer dramatic consequences as those who depend on it for income will be replaced by legal, western corporations. 

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/17/world/cannabis-developing-countries-intl/index.html

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