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Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound, a seafood restaurant in Southwest Harbor, Maine, has grabbed headlines across North America for its innovation in what they call a humane way to cook their lobsters. 

The restaurant's owner, Charlotte Gill, said she tested getting a lobster high prior to determine if it would “stun” the animal, therefore ensuring a more humane death when it is boiled.
The strategy came after the government of Switzerland banned boiling alive lobsters this year and instead required them to be “stunned” prior. The government recommend stunning methods such as electrocution, or a stab between the eyes prior to cooking but Gill didn't see those options as much better. 

In her experiment, Gill placed a lobster she named Roscoe, into two inches of water inside a covered box, and then proceeded to pumped marijuana smoke into the water. Gill then returned Roscoe to the main tank without its restrictive claw bands, and according to her, the lobster “totally mellowed out”, and did not once wield his claws. 

Gill went onto explain that even despite it being impossible to get high off of the lobsters, she will still boil the lobsters at 420 degrees, because THC breaks down completely by 392 degrees. 

Gill says that she hopes to have a process in place to sedate all of her lobsters before cooking by next season, with her homegrown, medically licensed marijuana. 

Source: https://www.eater.com/pop-culture/2018/9/18/17871606/maine-restaurant-wants-to-kill-lobsters-humanely-with-marijuana

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