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According to an Ipsos poll, 35 percent of cannabis users are still using the illicit dealers they used prior to legalization. The number is much lower than many anticipated, just one month into a legal cannabis market.

There are a variety of factors believed to be involved in consumers’ decisions to maintain ties to the black market. Legalization has not been a smooth roll-out across the country. Many retailers have run out of stock in the first month, some even in the first week. A lack of legal opportunities to purchase has helped the black market continue.

Certain products are still not available through legal means, as edibles will not enter the recreational market for roughly another year. Those who prefer edibles are able to make them themselves at home with legal marijuana, or may continue to go to dealers who offer them ready-made.

Delivery times have also been an issue for many. For example, a recent Canada Post strike in Ontario has forced cannabis purchasers to wait weeks to receive their shipment, on top of the already inconvenient online sales-only market structure.

As the kinks of a legal market are smoothed out, many believe the number of users maintaining non-government approved dealers will likely drop far below the current level.

Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/4669761/legal-marijuana-black-market/

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