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CBD and THC have been getting most of the attention from consumers, media outlets, and producers as the cannabis boom has been going on, but now, terpenes may be getting their spotlight. 

Terpenes are the plant-based chemicals that give marijuana its smell and taste. Some people also believe that terpenes are responsible for some of the benefits of cannabis, beyond getting high. 

As cannabis becomes more mainstream in the legal markets, and products begin to differentiate themselves and consumer knowledge grows, terpenes are becoming more of an aspect in consumer purchases. Vape cartridge companies and concentrate producers are incorporating the compound into their products to add flavor and aroma, just as dried leaf marijuana has.
The benefit of this process is massive to these producers, as a gram of concentrate can cost $40-50, so adding in strain-specific terp sauce to maintain and grow a customer base will provide a massive financial incentive. 

Source: https://mjbizdaily.com/onworking-how-terpenes-can-help-marijuana-companies-expand-product-and-revenue-opportunities/

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