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In early October, Canopy Growth Corporation announced a six-month study tracking and monitoring the effects of medical cannabis as an alternative to other forms of pain management. Canopy partnered with the Ontario Long Term Care Association for the project.

“We’re in the medical marijuana business, after all. It’s important for us to make sure that we’re doing the best for our patients- seniors are a big part of that,” said Canopy CEO, Bruce Linton.

While Canadian cannabis companies have been trying to attract younger adult customers, the Canopy study and other similar studies point to the potential of a significant demographic - seniors.

The potential is borne out by statistics from the United States: In Oregon, Colorado, Washington State, Nevada and California, seniors make up 25% of the overall total of cannabis consumers. This data was collected by the cannabis research firm, The Brightfield Group.

In Canada, the data on the number of people over 60 who have consumed cannabis either for medical or recreational purposes remains limited.

Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Tilray Inc, strongly believes in the medical benefits of cannabis for seniors - so much so that his company is also funding a six-month study to be led by cannabis medical professional Dr. Blake Pearson. The study’s purpose will be to research the effect medical cannabis has on sleep, the perception of pain and the overall quality of life in patients over 50.

Source: https://business.financialpost.com/cannabis/the-new-grey-market-as-older-users-warm-up-to-cannabis-pot-companies-want-to-learn-more

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