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A study out of Montreal that is trying to determine if cannabis can be used as a safer alternative for opiate-based painkillers is having great results thus far. 

The study is a result of a partnership between Sante Cannabis Clinic in Montreal and Ottawa-based Tetra Pharma Bio and is being lead by McGill University associate oncology professor Dr. Antonio Vigano. In total 70 patients in the Montreal area were gathered and are using medicinal cannabis capsules with high levels of THC and CBD to treat them. 

The study began its second phase last April, and if successful and the capsules gain approval from Health Canada’s Office of Controlled Substance, they could be sold in Pharmacies with a registered Drug Identification Number (DIN) and covered by insurance. 

So far, only one of the 70 patients reported severe negative side-effects, a number so low that it even surprised Dr. Vigano, “I was surprised at how tolerable it was, at how safe it was. That’s the main concern, when you do these trials, is to make sure the product is safe.”

One of the patients, Jane Fiorito, who is being treated for Multiple Sclerosis, told the Montreal Gazette “the cannabis was like a miracle. Within three days my legs were less stiff, they didn't feel as heavy.” 

Fiorito went onto to say that 80 percent of the pain is gone, and that she is now able to walk 251 metres in six minutes at physiotherapy, compared to just 89 in October when she was still on opioids and muscle relaxants. 

Source: https://montrealgazette.com/news/multiple-sclerosis-patient-calls-medical-cannabis-trial-a-miracle

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