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A study produced by Whistler Therapeutics was able to identify a correlation between the type of cannabis strain a patient used and its positive or negative effects on their condition.

The study, completed by Brishna Kamal and Daniel Lantela, focused on generalized anxiety disorder and monitored how certain strains benefited or worsened the patients ailments.

According to Lantela, the study is unique because it looked at the terpenes profile of the strains, rather than the typical THC and CBD content. Terpenes are the oils responsible for a cannabis plant’s flavours and aromas. There are more than 100, and many offer different therapeutic effects, from relieving chronic pain to offering a treatment option for migraine sufferers. Kamal’s view is that scientists are only beginning to understand the health benefits they might yield.

The study used data from a 90-question, online survey involving 442 respondents who were living in Canada and were patients of Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation [WMMC], and no single strain was overwhelmingly preferred, suggesting that treatment with cannabis can be highly individualized per patient.

The study was published in Frontiers of Neuroscience this past October.

Source: https://leaderpost.com/cannabis-health/cannabis-medical/cannabis-treatment-for-anxiety-its-all-in-the-strain/wcm/ae68bb77-c952-4413-93fd-b28c290067b4

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