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A study out of Augusta University in Georgia has found there is a potential benefit to using cannabinoids for treating melanoma in a murine model.

The researchers developed a study focusing on the effects of treatment with a cannabinoid derivative on malignant melanoma tumors in a murine model. Through subcutaneous injection, mice established melanoma tumors and were then treated with intraperitoneal injections twice a week. One Group of mice were treated with 5 mg/g/wk of Cisplatin, while the other group was treated with Cannabidiol (CBD) 5 mg/kg twice a week.

The results shows a significant decrease in tumor size in those treated with CBD when compared with the control group. The mice treated with Cisplatin experienced the longest survival time, but the quality of life and movement of CBD-treated mice were observed to be better.

In conclusion, the researchers found potential benefits in the therapeutic effect of cannabinoids that could influence the course of melanoma in a murine model. Further studies are necessary to evaluate its potential.

Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022480418306267

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