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With the rapid growth of medical cannabis sweeping across the world, patients are getting more power in how they choose to be treated. Industry leaders, seeing the need for alternatives to the age-old ways of ingestion (smoking, edibles, etc.), have innovated to provide better patient experiences. Among these innovations comes the vaporizer, which every medical cannabis patient should consider as one of their first options.


Many people may not see the difference between using a vaporizer and simply rolling a joint. From a health perspective however, they are drastically different. Compared to using a bong or joint, vaporizers do not burn contents, but rather heat them up to an optimal temperature. As a result, the known carcinogens and tar that come with burning any product and inhaling them into the body are not produced. The active ingredients are still consumed when using a vaporizer, however approximately 95 percent of the smoke is removed. By not burning the contents, and thus releasing very little smoke and odour, vaporizers also add a sense of discretion that many medical cannabis patients aim for.

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