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The government of British Columbia says that it is going to be a gradual process for its legal marijuana industry to mature, as the provincial and local governments are still working on structuring and implementing their retail systems. 

The government has received around 100 permits to operate private cannabis stores, but will have just one government-operated store, located in Kamloops, open by October 17th. 

“”Local governments are the ones making the decisions on the kind of retail outlets they want, whether they want a government store or a private store or a mix of both or in some cases, they have indicated they don’t want any retail,” said Farnworth.

British Columbia is unique compared to the rest of Canada in this process, mainly because of the massive amount dispensaries currently operating illegally in Vancouver and Victoria. Those dispensaries are allowed to apply for licenses, but they must go through the same process as any others, including background checks.

Despite the opportunity, many of these dispensaries have not applied for a license yet and because law enforcement will not shut them down immediately after legalization, a black-market is expected to continue until the legal infrastructure is fully in place. 

Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/4448490/bc-two-to-three-years-legal-marijuana-industry-mature/

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