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The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch has released the regulator requirements for cannabis retail stores operating in the province.

To be eligible for a licence, applicants will have to get the support of the local government and background checks of police/criminal records that will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The province has also stated that having a criminal record or operating an illegal dispensary prior to legalization will not automatically exempt an applicant from receiving a license. 

From there, the provincial government will be leaving most of the regulatory requirements to the municipalities of the applicants. Municipalities will determine the proximity of cannabis retailers from schools and other government entities, and will also be responsible for determining the number of stores it wants to allow within its jurisdiction. Store hours will also be set the local governments, despite the province listing operation hours from 9am to 11pm. 

Where the province has announced strict regulations is on public consumption. Public consumption can carry a $5,000 fine or three months in jail for a first offence. Consumption lounges will not be licensed as of yet, but the province has stated it will give consideration to it at a later date. 

Consumers will not be allowed to sample products in store, and cannabis will not be permitted at outdoor festivals and events. 

The application process is set to begin in early August, although no fixed date has been released. 

Source: http://dailyhive.com/grow/grow-bc-regulations-private-cannabis-retail-stores

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