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Even despite new Canadian laws against marijuana-impaired driving, Canadian policy makers, police forces, judges, and drivers are still in an uncertain climate pertaining to the subject. 

The approach of Canadian lawmakers was to mirror that of alcohol policies, and create a limit of blood concentration level of THC in a driver. As the law stands, it is illegal for drivers to have a blood THC concentration of five nanograms (ng) per millilitre or more. Drivers will also be charged if they have low levels of alcohol in their system combined with at least 2.5 ng/ml of THC in their blood. 

The issue however is that there is no scientific basis behind a person's level of THC in the bloodstream, and their level of impairment. The levels that were determined are based on a small amount of studies, and because THC gets stored in fat, it releases into the body at different rates, therefore affecting the amount of THC in the blood depending on the person. 

Frequent users, such as those who have a medical cannabis prescription, can also have THC in their system for up to 30 days, meaning that they may not be at the legal limit, but could still not be impaired. 

The uncertainty behind the laws, mainly due to a lack of scientific studies over the years, will certainly cause contention in the courts. Lawyers defending clients that are facing marijuana-impairment driving charges will most likely aim to use that as a defence, which could result in different policies needed in the future. 

Source: https://www.thestar.com/news/cannabis/2018/08/13/post-legalization-marijuana-users-behind-the-wheel-will-find-themselves-back-in-murky-territory.html

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