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A new roadside device used to screen drivers for THC is set to be approved by the Justice Department. 

The device called Draeger DrugTest 5000 is manufactured by German company and is currently being used in other countries including the UK and Germany. 

The device has received the notice to approve by Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould, meaning that it has gone through testing in a National Research Council laboratory and passed an evaluation by the Canadian Society of Forensic Science.  

Once the recommendation is complete, Provinces and Territories will be able to order as many as they see fit, and will train their police force on how to use them. 

The device requires a swab of the drivers mouth, and registers THC use within approximately the last six hours. A failed test will allow officers to bring the driver in for further tests, including blood tests.
Many are hopeful that the device will be in place by October 17th, Canada’s marijuana legalization date, as officers are currently using standardized field sobriety tests. These tests include actions such as standing on one foot, or walking in a straight line. 

Source: https://nationalpost.com/cannabis/federal-government-approves-first-device-for-testing-drivers-saliva-for-cannabis

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