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At least two lawsuits were filed against the state of Oklahoma after the Oklahoma State Board of Health approved its regulations for medical marijuana implementation. As a result, Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter announced that he would dedicate a team of attorneys to review the legal challenges. 

Under the emergency rules that were set in place until proper regulation is determined:
  • Smokable and edible forms of medical marijuana are banned from being sold in dispensaries
  • Infused cannabis products with more than 12 percent THC and plants with more than 20 percent THC are prohibited from being sold.
  • Dispensaries are required to hire a pharmacist
  • Physicians are required to register with the state, complete medical cannabis training, and screen patients for substance abuse and mental health issues before making recommendations
  • Physicians are required to perform a pregnancy test on females of childbearing years before recommending cannabis

Under the lawsuits it is claimed that the Health board overstepped their authority when implementing such restrictive measures of banning smokables and edibles, as well as requiring a pharmacist on staff. 

In a statement released by Hunter, he stated, “The current rules contain provisions that are inconsistent with the plain language of State Question 788 and the State Board of Health acted outside of its authority when it voted to implement them,” Hunter said. “Although I didn’t support State Question 788, the people of the state have spoken and I have a legal duty to honor the decision made by the electorate. My advice today is made pursuant to that responsibility as attorney general.”

Source: https://news.medicalmarijuanainc.com/oklahomas-marijuana-rules/

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