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New regulations expected to be unveiled by the federal government this week will allow licensed cannabis producers to begin cultivating outdoors. Under the current system licensed producers are required to grow in greenhouses and indoor facilities where security is tight, the environment is controlled, and every interaction with a plant is recorded on video.

The government’s actions comes from what they say is the result of extensive consultations and will contribute to the ultimate goal of displacing the illegal market.
Many licensed producers however, were not happy with the decision. Existing LPs across the country have spent billions and many months building, equipping, and operating indoor facilities. The price of growing outdoor is roughly 25 cents per gram, while indoor greenhouse cultivating can cost about $1 a gram. 

The Cannabis Canada Council, a lobby group that includes the cannabis spaces largest LPs, called on the senate to ban outdoor cultivation earlier this year. They argued on the grounds that outdoor cultivation can lead to greater diversion to the black market, and that it can be exposed to pesticides, mildew, and mould. 

Source: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-outdoor-cannabis-crops-soon-to-be-legal-in-canada/

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