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The Liberal government has released the highly anticipated rules that will regulate cannabis edibles, drinks extracts, and topicals. The public will have 60 days to weigh in.

Edible products will carry similar plain packaging and labeling requirements as current legal cannabis products, and include the standard cannabis symbol, a health warning, a listing of THC and CBD content and child-proof packaging.

Other regulations include:

  • Edibles must be "shelf stable" and not require refrigeration or freezing.
  • Edibles must offer consumers nutritional information, including ingredients and a best-before date.
  • Naturally occurring caffeine in items like chocolate, tea or coffee is allowed, but the use of caffeine as an additive is prohibited.Extracts can contain flavouring agents, but no sugars, sweeteners or sweetening agents.
  • Flavours that appeal to youth, such as dessert or confectionery flavours, are banned on packaging and labeling of cannabis extracts.Use of meat products, poultry or fish is banned, unless it is dried by someone authorized under provincial or territorial law.
  • Forms that pose a greater risk to health, such as eye drops or needles, will be prohibited

Edibles and other infused products are expected to be legalized in Canada by October 17 2019, and will likely be a massive market for licensed producers and distributors. In Colorado, California, and Oregon between January and July of 2018 an average of 43 percent of sales consisted of cannabis products other than dried cannabis.

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cannabis-edibles-regulations-consultation-1.4954116

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