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In an op-ed for CNN.com, United States Representative for Ohio’s 13th congressional district Tim Ryan called for the passing of the Marijuana Justice Act in Congress.

The Marijuana Justice Act would remove marijuana from the Schedule 1 drug list - drugs that are classified as having no accepted medical use and high potential for abuse. The act would also eliminate all criminal penalties for anyone who imports, exports, manufactures, distributes, or deals with in any way marijuana in the US.

Ryan lists a number of reasons in support of the change. The incarceration rate for marijuana users is among them, as almost one in four prisoners in the US are there due to low-level drug offenses, as well as the consequences of being removed from society for years. He also comments on the overwhelming financial cost of keeping those people in prison, and trying to fight marijuana use in America - what he says is $7.7 billion a year. The tax revenue and created jobs from day one are the last to be listed, being $6 billion annually, and 782,000 jobs from day one respectively.

To read Tim Ryan’s full Op-Ed, follow the link below.



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