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On November 2 Utah voters will see Proposition 2 on the ballot, but regardless of how they vote, Utah lawmakers say they will pass a bill on medical marijuana post election. 

Proposition 2 would allow patients who have a doctor's recommendation to legally grow, buy, and consume medical cannabis, and has been widely popular, showing 64 percent support from Utah citizens. 

The ballot initiative however received opposition from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and the Utah Medical Association, who began working behind the scenes after the populations support became evident. The two groups worked with lawmakers and the Utah Patient Coalition to craft a more conservative medical marijuana bill, that they say has more safeguards.

The new agreement would shorten the list of qualifying medical conditions, including removing chronic pain as a qualifying condition but allowing patients with “pain lasting longer than 2 weeks access”. It would also limit where patients can access medical cannabis, changing the distribution model from dispensaries to their county health department or at one of five “medical cannabis pharmacies.” Home cultivation would also become illegal, and marijuana would be supplied in “medicinal dosage form”. 

Source: https://news.medicalmarijuanainc.com/utah-gov-to-call-special-session-after-midterms-to-pass-medical-marijuana-compromise-bill-regardless-prop-2-results/

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